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This company was founded on a couple of core principals of life.

  • Treat people will respect, be professional and always have the good of the employees and the company in mind.
  • Always tell the truth to your customers. We have to be honest in order to protect your workers and your company.
  • Do a honest day's work for a honest day's pay and in most cases it is cheaper than having your employees try to do it.
  • Always give more than you get.

Our pledge to our customers:

  • Do a precise and accurate Electrical Safety Analysis
  • Show you any issues that you have in your electrical system
  • To keep your people safe by writing proper electrical safety procedures
  • · Train all of your people on proper on the standards and your new S.O.P.'s .
  • Make sure that all documentation is correct and in the proper order.
  • Have the proper safety signs on all electrical panels.
  • Select the proper PPE for each task you have.


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