Whether you are a Safety Consultant conducting third-party safety audits or a Safety Manager tasked with conducting self-audits for your job sites or facilities, will improve safety performance!

Safety Consultants

Create and deliver detailed, professional looking customer reports in real-time with just a few simple clicks on your mobile device. Think about the time you will save not having to type your observations, upload photos, write recommendations and cite appropriate OSHA standards. Safety-Reports does it all for you. If you complete just six safety audits per week, your report writing time can be cut by as much as 30 minutes per report and in some cases up to 60 minutes. Most subscribers experience a return on investment in as little as just 2 months!

Safety Managers

Completing safety inspections has never been so easy. eliminates the need for paper, clipboard, pen and camera. Checklists are always as close as your smart phone or tablet so you'll always be prepared on a moments notice. The frequency of safety audits increases and the time it takes is cut in half. Companies that perform regular self-audits have improved safety records and are better prepared when OSHA shows up at the the door.

Corrective Action Tracking now includes electronic "Corrective Action Tracking" to ensure all open items get closed out (Enterprise only)!

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