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Create detailed Risk Assessment reports from your Android or iPhone. Use our preloaded hazards and controls or add as many other custom ones as you like, making them as detailed as you like.

Simply drag and drop the hazard icons over a photograph of your risk site, and select the relevant liklihood and severity options.

You still have the freedom to make this report as detailed as you like, but without the paperwork. Each report can be customized with company details and logo, and even contain a signature of the risk assessor.

Once the PDF Risk Assessment is created, it will be stored on your device. You can set reminders for followup assessments which sync reminders on the calender of the device.

Low cost optional upgrades allow you to add multiple photos to each report, email the report and also edit existing reports.

  • Drag and Drop Risks over Photo
  • Select Pre-Loaded Controls
  • Add Custom Hazards & Controls
  • Personalise with Logo
  • Create PDF Risk Assessment
  • Save for future reference
  • Email straight from App
  • Sync Reminders on iCal
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