Why did BSMS develop PEER®?

Answer: Initially the idea came from working with clients to capture observation and discussion data to enhance their safety observation processes. In 2007 we worked with SHELL on the Corrib project in Ireland, where we used paper cards and an excel spreadsheet. Later, we worked for EPCOR in Canada, who suggested we develop the software to make the whole process more efficient by removing the need for paper and pencil cards, and handing them in for data-entry. They wanted their people to enter the data directly into the software to reduce the time, money and effort involved.

By the end of 2009, using BSMS in-house programmers, PEER® safety software was born. Version 1 was used by Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, and Metal Refining facilities in the Middle-East and elsewhere. With significant upgrades based on client feedback, Version 2 was released in 2012 and is still in use today by some clients.

In 2013 we did a significant amount of work examining the causes and correlates of potential Serious Injuries and Fatalities for a major client in the USA, resulting in Version 3 by March 2014 that specifically addresses these. We currently maintain both Version 2 (Non-SIF) and Version 3 (SIF enabled).

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