Your company orientation should be unique to your culture and environment. Initiafy allows you to create a custom process whereby new workers register themselves online, upload documents and photos and take their orientation training. And the best part is, that process can be adapted to suit each location and worker type.

Manage and Control

Our dashboard and reporting tools allow you to easily manage your worker registration and training. You can monitor the flow of subcontractors and temporary employees through all of your sites. Whether they will be on site for a day or a year, Initiafy will give you the peace of mind to know they’re fully orientated, safe and productive.


You can communicate with workers directly or through the labor supplier they work for. This means that you don’t need to gather their details – they do all of the administration for you by self-registering. Managers are kept abreast of activity via location-specific notifications. Workers are automatically notified if there is refresher training required or if one of their documents has expired.


New workers arrive on your doorstep with the confidence and knowledge to start work in seconds. They have registered all of their details, uploaded documentation and completed their health and safety training and company orientation. Interactive test questions throughout the training help workers retain the information on the job.

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