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With more than 1100 warehouse and loading dock safety products in our arsenal, Ideal Warehouse Innovations’ products help saves lives, prevent injury and minimize damage and downtime.

At Ideal Warehouse Innovations, we help create safer workplaces around the world. We do this by sourcing, designing and/or manufacturing a comprehensive array of industrial workplace safety products and making them available through trusted global sales and distribution partners.

Our role is to provide products and equipment to warehouse and manufacturing facilities that make them safer places to work.

We’re Protecting Your People.

100 Feet of Fencing…Anytime, Anywhere.

The importance of warehouse and facility safety continues to grow in importance and is at the forefront of any successful business’ operational planning.Warehouse accidents and fatalities are still an unfortunate reality in facilities around the World and avoiding these dangerous situations should be top priority.

There are many areas throughout the warehouse that can be considered temporarily unsafe:

  • Hazardous Spills
  • Inspection Areas
  • Maintenance Areas
  • Machinery and/or Racking Servicing

These and countless others require the use of a visual barrier to keep personnel out for their own safety.

Ideal Warehouse Innovations’ Portable Safety Zone (PSZ) provides a visual barrier solution that is portable and easy to use.

With 100 feet of fencing built into the mobile unit, the PSZ eliminates the need to use caution tape and cones that can often be cumbersome, difficult to use and easily ignored. It quickly creates a safe and complete visual barrier zone in virtually unlimited indoor applications. Its lightweight design is balanced for easy transportation by one operator and its slim shape takes up little space and allows for easy storage.

Operation of the PSZ couldn’t be simpler!

  1. Manually transport the Portable Safety Zone to the required location on the integrated mobile frame.
  2. Position the posts/base pads and/or magnetic clips at the desired location.
  3. Unlock the fence and extract around the posts.
  4. Lock the fence in position.
  5. Follow these steps in reverse to retract the fence and move to another location.

Each Portable Safety Zone comes complete with 100ft. of orange fencing, 4 posts, 4 rubber base pads and 4 magnetic fence clips.

Keep your personnel safe from hazardous and dangerous areas within the warehouse with the Portable Safety Zone.


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