EH&S Task Manager


EH&S Task Manager was designed specifically for the Environmental, Health and Safety Manager. It allows you to: Assign e-mail reminders regarding tasks. If a task has not been completed and is approaching a deadline, automatically escalate the e-mail reminders to a new group. Upload and associate documents, permits, files or web links to your tasks for quick reference. Succession planning is now easy! When someone leaves, simply print out a complete report of all their tasks, deadlines and important documents. When a task has been accomplished, you can see it instantly in the online application. You can also choose to have EH&S Task Manager email you a report when the task has been completed. Sort/query tasks by facility, employee, due date, status, priority and more. Set up recurring tasks to eliminate duplicate entry. Create a centralized off site backup repository for important documents, spreadsheets and permits. Multiple levels of security to define who may assign, access, edit or merely view tasks. Access statistical tools that will rank the task management efficiency of a facility, department or individual.

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